That believes in gold trending higher this year. You can deal inflation, deflation, money printing, currency debasement etc.etc etc. and so the story goes. But you also need to walk the line short term with one eye open and one eye closed ( keep powder dry ) just in case this moves lower you can buy on the cheaper end. Not sure what mr. market has in his bag of tricks but one thing for sure is that gold not going to tank like the predictions. Calling it over valued? LOL then call currencies ZERO VALUE. I'd be worried if you in grass roots stage but less worried in companies producing bullion. Like any business it needs to be run in away to maximize its dollars and operations with growth and bullion reserves. Then again if a majour was looking for instant production and land / reserves why bother spinning  the bit when most trading at fire sale or 52 week lows on higher bullion than 2 years ago. The band has been stretched and at some point goe the other direction on e would have to think. But again keep your powder and join the party when its presents itself. It doesn't seem she about to bolt anytime soon.

All Just My Humble Opinion