Yes when gold was at 500 600 700 800 900 1000 1300 1500 1700 1900 and so the story goes it is never the right price. Now at almost 1700 the street squaking like parrots. The naysayers out in full force but why is this??? Last I looked money printing at 85 billion a month and projected to hit a trillion at this pace on the year. Does anyone think Europe has inproved? just take a flight over and go on tour for a bit and talk to the locals and have good observation. Its all a head fake IMHO. Nothing has changed and whether its talk of deflation or inflation or money printing or systemic failure it all points to higher gold in the future IMHO. To see the sector trading at these multiples is a rubber band that has gone way to far to one side. You know what happens when the P@@P hits the fan? POOWwwwwww ! How much has M3 grown and how to ever rectify this magnitude of money supplied in short order. Mission impossible IMHO and the countries that can back their currency with bullion will be winners. The rest will be yesterdays trash.