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Kinross Gold Corporation T.K

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Gold
Alternate Symbol(s): KGC|T.K.WT.C|T.K.WT.D

Kinross Gold Corporation is a gold mining company. The Company's mines and projects are in Brazil, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, Ghana, Mauritania, Russia and the United States.
Price: $4.50 | Change: $-0.09 | % Change: -1.96%
Volume: 1.8m | Day High/Low: 4.62/4.50 | 52 Week High/Low: 6.875/4.38

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better to cross to ELD

Political situation when gold is about ready to explode you don't want to miss the run in gold being in a russian miner. Sell and buy Africa or better is ELD Eldorado GOLD  rate and reply
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7.5M +- shares traded on the Chi-X platform so far today

It does not show in the Stockhouse volume which is around 918k at this time. That platform seems to be the preferred short on short off platform. Cheap execution I would speculate. JMHO s1  rate and reply
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RE:Beacon Securities lots of sell trades today

selling a whole bunch!!! Is there a way to findout how many where sold by Beacon Securities at the end of th day?  rate and reply
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Beacon Securities lots of sell trades today

Yesterday it was Goldman. Beacon is a small Canadian company. Curious. JMO s1  rate and reply
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Japan's Bonds insolvent

Bill Holter offers another dandy commentary:     (courtesy Bill Holter/Miles Franklin)         Could this really happen? Yes but, "not here syndrome".       (courtesy Bill Holter/Miles...read more
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Sliding into the abyss

No sign of a bottom anywhere I can see.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:Bank of Canada holds paltry $140 million in gold reserves..

Yes, but the West is selling all of their gold at a bargain basement price. Obviously they believe they can convince the world to stay on a fiat standard. The West has sold its insurance. The battle...read more
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RE:RE:Bank of Canada holds paltry $140 million in gold reserves..

Not only China has gold... Russia, India and many other Asian countries have cultures where gold is kept by families as their main savings and store of value. The majority of the planet, in other...read more
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RE:They got it down to $3.98 in the U.S.(KGC)

Big action at the bell, including a sale by Goldman for 105K shares.  rate and reply
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They got it down to $3.98 in the U.S.(KGC)

Gotta be an all time low. Low volume in Canada with Goldman selling 100 shares at a time. Price is a joke. JMO s1  rate and reply
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China Infrastructure Spending to Grow to $2.7 Trillion (2015) China’s GDP To Reach $38 Trillion by 2025 Making It The Largest Economy in the World! k SP IS CHEAP!  rate and reply
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9/11 was an inside nsa id SATAN BOY ID ARE YOU FOR REAL THE US IS A POLICE NAZI STATE   Kinross's Tasiast study increases reserves to 9.6 Moz 2014-03-31 17:40 ET - News Release   Mr. J. Paul...read more
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al182--- I can reason on any point. But I can't for the life of me see where you see a reward in Kinross in the next 3 years is beyond me. I not taking into consideration if Hitler/Putin decides to...read more
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K is now one excellent risk reward and...

If only they improve slightly their margin from last quarter wish is probable from the fact gold was trading little higher by about 2 % average in the q1 2014 and little better cost production wish is...read more
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RE:back to "heavy overweight" on K...

Just hope that Geneva agreement help kinross sp.  rate and reply
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Russia is the issue for Kinross now

The inflation numbers released are the biggest load of garbage the Government/Bank has ever released. They play up to the Americans to keep the dollar strength. Dollar will collapse. Coffee, Pork...read more
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RE:Bank of Canada holds paltry $140 million in gold reserves..

If the West is really facing a reset of their currencies and a new Reserve Currency, then the last thing TPTB want is the discipline of a gold standard. They have been incredibly successful using fiat...read more
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Goldman same warning two years in a row

Issued a warning of low gold about a week earlier last year. Gold fell $250 in a week. Creeps issue the same forecast for this year. http://www.kitco.com/news/2014-04-14/Goldman-Reiterates-1050Oz-Gold...read more
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RE:Question the Ecuador land

xxxsniper--- No it's completely dead. Management made the decision that they could not run the project on a 30% profit, after, and if gold hit $2500 an ounce all the costs were paid back and a cap put...read more
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Question the Ecuador land

is the project in Ecuador competely dead in the water or is there a chance that it can be brought back to the table?  rate and reply