Yes, unfortunately the catalyst will be when they announce they have secured financing.  Regardless, until then I think the price has already hit bottom - it has gone down more than 20% in the last two weeks. 

I bought more shares late Friday and think that the financing announcement will come this week.  It does not take a lot of time to get financing in place and as another poster mentioned, this is a profitable company; so banks should be more than willing to lend at a reasonable rate.  This has to be one of the better buying opportunities of all stocks with very little downside price risk at this point.  If the price continues to rise this morning or even hold steady, I am buying more to fill my position.  I really believe you can't go wrong at this price point.  Imagine the stock a year from now while you collect 14% dividend from this day forward.  This is equivalent to a 21% interest rate on a GIC when you consider that dividends are only taxed at 66% of what interest is taxed at.