they cannot come out and say unequivocally that they are not cutting their dividends because it is obviuos that they do not know for sure themselves that this may not be a possibility down the road (albeit a very unlikely possibility).


IF their financing does not come through - they may need to cut the divident BUT I hardly think that a company with a profitable, explanding business cannot get reasonable financing.  They even stated that their current investment in a high near term payback has caused a temporary blip in their money state but until they secure this additional financing (which in my opinion is all but a sure thing given the reason for their need - an expanding profitable busines), we will see a depressed share price.


the best thing for the stock is for the company to get their financing in place ASAP.  Nothing else will satisfy this market.  And in today's environment, investing is=n such a stable company as JE, one that is growing and profitable they should be able to get this financing soon....just wish they did it before last week's release.

But then again, take this current price drop as an early Christmas gift if you can stomach putting more money into the I have.