I have never seen such oversold levels on a stock in my life as I am with JE right now.  At some point this has to hit bottom...this is just insane.  Bollinger bands indicate huge oversold position, RSI is at 15.49 which well below the 30 indicator for fair value.  MACD Divergence is hugely negative which at some point has to come back. 

As I have noted before, we are seeing a lot of things going on right now.  JE is getting caught up in the macro events that are going on with the overall market, just went ex-div for the month and released its Q2 results (which weren't really that bad in the grander picture of things).  I also suspect there are short sellers and daytraders wreaking havoc with this stock as well.

I am down right now, but I will continue to hold and take the monthly dividend.  Let this noise sort itself out and review again in the New Year.