dont forgett, the intention of the last drillprogram was to convert the inferred to indicated categorie. 

in open pit mining an 0,1 gramm cut off grad is usuall but could be expected a little bit higher.

the inferred resource will not be considered in an possible pre feasibility study. with round about 500.000 to 700.000 ounces of gold ( 220K measured variance of up to 20% error margin and indicated 700k up to 40 % =  600.000 ounces) and an yearly production of 40-50k gold ounces equivalent and an effectiv recoverie of 80 % (480.000) remains an mine life of  approximately 10 years. 

capex of 200 million cad and current commoditie prices results in an payback time of 5 years.

i think jaydens attractiv anymore, but they need money to bring the project to the pre feas level. at that price an privat placement will very bad.