make sense ?

Let's get to the point here. If Sinclair is correct (and he is) and the Fed can not stop QE (buying bonds), and gold is falling because the market believes that the Fed will cut back on QE (but they won't), then gold will reverse course quickly when the "excuse" used by the bullion banks (JPMorgan and friends) to force gold down is seen as nonsense.

Remember the drill - the Fed releases a false story; it is jumped on by the M(ain)S(treet)M(edium); JPMorgan then shorts gold heavily causing the price to fall; the herd follows along, and their selling adds to the fall; the falling price activates black box computer selling by the momentum hedge funds as their "stop loss" points are breached; JPMorgan starts to cover their shorts at much lower prices (making a killing) and the price stabilizes are rises. The end result? Since the reason (used by JPMorgan) gold fell is invalid, prices go back to where they were and JPMorgan makes a bundle. And a lot of you lose sleep and gnash your teeth.

What can YOU do about it? See this for what it is and buy these "artificially manufactured dips." Nothing has changed - only a planted rumor by the Fed, designed to stop gold's rise. The Fed buys some time and JPMorgan makes a profit. And we sell a lot more gold and silver at prices much lower than they should be. A Christmas present 11-months early! Now go enjoy your weekend!