I will be purchasing DON in my TFSA tomorrow. 32,000 shares at .17 IMO is a no brainier with the massive drill program of 63,000 METERS which will account for plenty of news flow. Upcoming cash flow alone will re classify the share price! To receive a 20% on this investment the stock only has to appreciate by .034 cents!
Heres a quote from Nolan Watson...We are pleased to have acquired a gold stream on a strong mine, operated by one of the world's largest mining companies," said President & CEO Nolan Watson. "The Donner transaction highlights the financing synergy that we envisioned when Sandstorm Metals & Energy was spun-out from Sandstorm Gold in early 2010."
Mr. Nolan Watson, President & CEO of Sandstorm Metals & Energy, said, "We see great potential in the Bracemac-McLeod mine and are excited that initial production is near-term."
Sandstorm bought 6.2 million shares at .35! With the mine coming into pre-production this month its a great time to add more shares  IMO.