Well, she didn't really state that they had no money; she just stated that "drilling is very expensive."  Really?  Didn't know that . . .. . .

Her point is that they are not willing to sink funds into any kind of risk right now.   While yes, everyone knows about the 18 million ounces (but not how much they can be retrieved for), I did indicate that only 33% - 40% of the entire property had been explored, to which she agreed.   My point was that if they could find another 6-10 million ounces in the unexplored areas, certainly that would add much needed value.  But cash conservation seems to be their mode right now.

She made no indication as to whether at least some geophysical or geomagnetic studies had been done on the unexplored sections of the property.   Maybe they have, and they think there is nothing significant, but I nor others know that, as far as I can tell.

So as someone stated on another post, this is pretty much dead money until next June, unless something changes with the company's thinking.