Well, broke down earlier today and called IR,   The IR director is Michelle Stachnik.   I spoke with her regarding my deep concerns that 15 months ago, this stock was above $10 with gold floating around $1800, and now the stock is at $2.19, with gold floating around $1700.  Not exactly a correlated decliine.

I asked if any drilling was going on, and she no, they didn't have any money to drill, and the only activity going on was geophysical, related to the feasibility study.   That is where they are concentrating their efforts.

However, she did affirm tha the feasibility study was still not coming out until the end of June 2013.   I told her that was a long time not to communicate anything to the general public, and that the stock could deteriorate much further with nothing but silence from the company.

She said the company is aware of this issue and is devising "strategies" to deal with it.   Execs are talking to institutional and key retail investors, essentially re-telling the story of Livengood.

So, there you have it.   Special thanks go to James Komadina, the former CEO who essentially wasted $35 million in trying to follow a path of "going it alone".      < big sigh >