....another bites the dust ; ashes to ashes , dust to dust !   THE FAITHFUL HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT ---- almost 20 years  too late !   

..and children , that  is how to steel millions of dollars of other people's money and not suffer any consequences . Your papy , had to lie , cheat , skrew over illiterate immigrants  out of their land,  always looking behind his back for revenge from the  garlic eating victims . Me, got myself an edudication , did it right ! In their faces , NO TRAVELLIN AROUND BOHUNG TOWNS , SCROUNGIN FOR A LIVIN , NO ! THE MONEY , THEIR MONEY CAME TO ME  AND I SHOVED IT IN MY POCKET BEFORE THEY COULD READ THE ' ISOTECHNIKA ANNOUNCES,  ISOTECHNIKA REPORTS , -----BeeS News Releases ,  got myself a jet , fancy property -  where Your testes don't freeze nine months of the year, nice cars ,  a HARLEY ( even though I look like a complete putse) ---THAT IS MY LEGACY FOR YOU !   A SUCKER IS BORN EVERY MINUTE >>>>> JUST LEARN HOW TO PLAY THEM!