Still sipping and reflecting on ISA...., for past few months I was reading, analysing "numerous". "forthcoming", "objective", "timely" and "truthful" news releases. The "integrity" of the insiders was exposed with their buying millions of shares @ $.o4. Well, I sold this position then. Frankly , I believe that the product is awesome form of cyclosporine, but than management by its actions proved (in my opinion) disregard toward shareholders as well as lack of managerial and marketing skills in promoting the product. Considering that there are about 15 forms of generic forms of cyclosporine selling around the world it's hard to expect from this management team to change their habits and attitudes. ISA was a disappointment for me. Isaloser I have to say, you earned my respect and you were right all along. Best regards to you and all others on the board.George.