....must be those elementary schoolkids , playing the stockmarket , with Macquarie , instinet acting as brokers!  Reminds me of those , long ago days , 10 years or so ago , when ISA was c*nning in the 3-4 DOLLAR range , the private jet was jet-setting , everyone thought Al and Dr.Bid / Ask were geniuses, the world was their oyster!

NOW,  just a bunch of old , pathetic , douc**-bag , h*stlers . barely hanging on , as the BIO -TECH world has left them behind !   Everyone gets old , , BUT IN THEIR C*CKINESS AND ARROGANCE, TOO MANY PEOPLE WERE SC*MMED , TOO MUCH WAS LOST BY MANY  IN THEIR C*N , HOPE THEY ROT WITH DEMENTIA , INCONTINENCE ,----- A LEGACY FULFILLED!!!!!