.....MOST , if not ALL of LUX' pipeline , "ITS'  EXISTENCE"  is based on Isotechnika's voclo.  ARE ALL THOSE VENTURE CAP INVESTORS OF LUX ,  Home Shopping Network junkies?  IS THE BO-HUNG from STONEY SUCH A GREAT SALESMAN ? Just can't understand how They'all  got fooled ( even the Gangham MBAs )   REINFORCES THE STEREOTYPE OF   'PhD'----PILED HIGHER AND DEEPER ,  Oh Yeah!

...Gary Lamphier of the Edmonton Journal finally mentioned Isotechnika in one of his articles ---Jan. 03 ,  how many Edmonton- based businesses listed on the TSX were outperforming the average national gains , unfortunately , Isotechnika was brought up , because its share price was SO DOWN ---54% , ? ,  from .17 to .045  is 54 % , ? --guess any publicity is GOOD publicity !.........--GO BUNDY GO !!!