...YADDA, YADDA,  ISOTECHNICA ANNOUNCES..........what a bunch of BS!  during a week when most everyone is on a break .    No wonder LUX wasn't paying its' bills ; IT DOES NOT WORK!!!!!   THEY KNEW IT DOES NOT WORK!    Dr. FullOfSh*Ter  has full confidence, the same CONfidence He had with ISA's legal right to terminate DDL agreement .  which was proven to be false.    Dr. BUNDY ,  sad , pathetic !   So , guess the ONLY PARTNER , Dr. Bundy has left is ILGIN , a partner HE TRIED TO SCR*W   OVER,  a partner , WHO IS BEING HOSED OUT OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS for a study THAT EVERYONE KNOWS -----WILL NOT MEET INDUSTRY ENDPOINTS FOR COMMERCIALISATION!!!!!!     ISOTECHNIKA ANNOUNCES A HAPPY NEW YEAR AND SCR*W   YOU  SHAREHOLDERS!!!!!