Ya we knew that.

Nice  allready making some of that money back.Nice for the ones who still believed the basic story was still the same. buying some in the 3 to 4 cent definitely made sense.......one can't ever be sure. Guts it's what it's all about.

And for some it's more about spilling their guts for everyone to see......if you know what I mean.

Beside all my useless comments so far...still weird that isa wanted to terminate the deal with iljin. In my mind I always beleived it was because they had a better deal in mind....otherwise it would make no sense. well it was  a blesing....still they sure make it hard for one to beleive they know what they are doing. Never the less in my mind if iljin didn't beleived this comp. to be worth something...it would have been easy for them to bale out...I think. Anyone comment welcome.

NO NOT YOU isalooser