.....the second tranche , private placement is filled >>>>>FOR A GRAND TOTAL OF $151,000>>>>>AMAZING,  THE MANAGEMENT OF ISA ARE GENIUS!!!!!!!   BRILLIANT TACTICIANS!!!!     refuse ILJIN control play, in order to drive share price to nothing, then go BELLY UP!!!!!!   by the by, was sent an article about PARVUS Therapeutics-----WINNER OF 2012 NanoVenturePrize competition.  They won, because of its exciting, radically new way of orchestrating antibodies to more efficiently attack and destroy pathogens. Chief Scientific Officer, is an eminent immunology researcher from U of C .  Their device can attract micro-clusters of T-cells, cause them to multiply and attack other cells that orchestrate autoimmune disease. The prize gives them credibility with life science venture capitalists!.........the prize was awarded by TEC Edmonton,  coincidently, a place where a certain BIDDER AND ASKER is retiredly employed to advise and guide , budding enterpreneurs on the types of jets to lease, where in the Carribean to set up bank accounts,  set up blind capital pools on the Venture Exchange etc...etc.."ISA247 will  reach the market, I guarantee it, that it will"  .........IT WAS ALL A TRICK ,  leaving investors with a piece of SH** TREAT!!!!!!!