....2012 Sep. 10 , Washington, D.C.,  according to news reporting by NewsRx correspondents , appearing in Biotech Week, 

 Patent serial number 402370 is assigned to Isotechnika Pharma Inc.

A patent application by the inventors Naicker, Savaraj  ( Edmonton, CA), Yatscoff, Randall W. (Edmonton, CA)., Foster. Robert T.(Edmonton, CA) filed on FEBRUARY 22, 2012, was cleared for further review on August 30, 2012.

"Deuterated Cyclosporin Analogs and Methods of the Same"

Naicker and Yatscoff are supposedly long gone from ISA ,  a new application just does not seem right!!!  Especially after the turmoil in company structure weeks before!!!!   Ownership of patents has NEVER BEEN ESTABLISHED!!!!! remember labumboy,  explaining it , like owning a house on leased land in a National Park, or something !  TANGLED MESS!!!