.......'since Dr. Foster is /has been so forthcoming with relevant information regarding status of everything ISA". I was hoping someone, somewhere, could update the status of the outstanding accounts owing to Paladin.  It would truly be a shame to wake up one morning and see ISA with a  DEFUNCT  after it's listing. ( without getting a chance to show "appreciation:)  Even though the Dear Shareholder letter of Nov. 01 /2011,  cleared up SO MANY QUESTIONABLE ISSUES, ---that put one;s mind to rest,---  would it be such a chore to show SOME SEMBLANCE OF INTEGRITY and GUTS now that the company has lost close to 80% of market value since the letter?   Funny, how many millions were lost as Dr. Foster decided  "the best course of action"  for shareholders in January, 2012, dissolving ILJIN agreement.  Quite the leaving of a LEGACY!!!!!!!!!!!!