Hey george, you are awesome, thank you!

I respect everyone has their own opinions and I just wanted opinions of those with more experience than myself in situations like this.  I would never attack someone on message boards because there are many different opinions and I could be dead wrong on a lot of stuff.

The market is very tricky as you said.  I just wanted a fair playing field and the bottom line with all my posts (whining if you want to call it that, if that is what people think, then fine) is that as investors we want to make informed decisions based on management that is open and transparent.  Obviously in a situation like this I don't know what will happen, but I can only comment on what Inmet has done so far and I cannot see a reason why they will not open discussions with FM, what do they have to lose?  At the end of the day, they can still turn them down and I'd be totally on board if FM was not being fair.  It seems that this is being taken out of our hands and I hope that one of the major shareholders calls them on it, if indeed they are trying to sell another chunk of Inmet to another investor at presumably a much lower price than 72.

Good luck to all, long or short, we are all here to make money.  Thanks for the kind words George.