I don't mind telling off the trolls, but when guys post opinons, and whatever... even if you don't like what they have to say... why call a guy on it. Just write back with your opinion... I find everyones opinion valiable. and I especially like what asiancolossus has to say.

I agreed with everything he had to say. and I think if the deal doesn't go through, the stock should fall. Of course nothing is certain, and I hope it quickly rebounds back if it does fall. I remember when the BCE thing was cancelled the stock took a mighty tumble and I got out... I shoudda kept it. But that's BCE and IMN is another kettle of fish.

I just hope all you guys the best. But personally if I'd have bought back when this thing was low (a few months ago) I'd be selling right now. Of course some people may have owned this thing for a few years now, and even at $70, aren't making any money on it... maybe tehy should hold on. Who knows? Wish I had a crystal ball.

The only sure way to make money is to steal it... stock are for the rest of us souls who don't haev teh courage to steal :)