With all due respect stockman, you say you are not trying to be adversarial but you use the word "whiny" which is not supposed to be a personal attack?

I'm trying to as everyone make sense of a situation as to why Inmet management has been behaving like this since November.  Of course I'm thrilled that an offer is on the table.  I don't expect Inmet to be jumping at the first offer on the table, but it is obvious they do not seem open to discussion, at least so far, so what do they have to lose by doing so?

I'm not crying about my losses and I cannot remember anywhere in my posts about this.  To me, Inmet management is playing games and its hard to make an informed decision when they are doing this. Leucadia wants to sell at 72 and although I do not know the intentions of the others, one wonders whether the other major shareholders want to do the same, I'm speculating.

I do not foresee anywhere close to 72 if this does not go through, long term I believe in the prospects, but 3 years to hold a stock just for the potential is stupid investing.  To reiterate I'm not upset about the price going up because of the offer, I question whether the company is really acting on the behalf of the shareholders or they are letting pride get in the way.  If you find that whiny, then I'm whiny.