July 2003: Spot Gold: $350 , IAG: $5.25  ......  Sept. 2006: Spot Gold $600 , IAG: $11.33  .....  June 2014: Spot Gold $1,272 , IAG $3.89.  As they say in Sesame Street... one those don't belong.  Keep in ming I'm quoting the American symbol for IAMGold, IMG.TO a bit higher. I rode the rally bang on buying near bottom $3.05 and sold $3.55.  I was pissed off selling too soon, but bough back $3.90 now.  I can afford a drawdown as it's coming out of my winnings.  But as long as your not borrowing on margin so your bank can't margin call you, there's no way this low price will remain.  Take a look at the 2003 prices of IAMGold versus Spot Gold.  This is something to just hold long and eventually the manipulation will end.  It's complete temporary manipulation of the mining sector, it can't last.  Even if Spot Gold dropped to $1,000 the mining sector should still go up according to the hisotrical numbers.  Especially now that the miners tightened up to operate more efficiently.  I think the next Q2 Report in early August will be a huge catalyst for IAMGold.  They'll be comparing Q2 of last year when prices were equally low, so it'll be a good look at how more efficient they are now.  I'm also looking at the price being half the book value even at todays price.  I'm not seeing any other Billion Plus gold miners at half the book value, and IAMGold has around $300 Million in Cash and Bullion ownings. Very good fundamental position and should revert back to book value at minimum.  So it should at minimum double from here.