40 million shares at 8 dollars is approx 320 million dollars or approx 10 percent of float.  The best move for IMG - tighten up that float for those who don't want in and would lead to good share price appreciation in the future.  i.e. 30 dollars would be similar to a 25 dollar share price in market value, but would need to calculate the exact figures but approximate. I've had very good success with stocks that followed this scenario.  It does not always work especially in bullish markets, however when gold stocks are being decimated and many are at 10 year lows.  Great opportunity to take advantage of low share prices.  I don't think this will last forever as it never does as could be getting close to an overall market bottom within a year.  IMG is in a good sitituation to do that as try being a K, G, YRI with close to a billion  shares outstanding does not work as effectively.