What's your point?  Aurizon used to be a $6 to $7 stock too at one point.  When it was C$4.58 it was already trading closer to its 52-week low in the high $3's.  It also had zero debt and $1.20 cash per share! Keep in mind that Iamgold had already bounced up 80% from  the May 2012 meltdown in the sector.  Underperformers who not only miss targets but completely unravel, and +50% cost increase would qualify IMHO, get severely punished by the market and you will be surprised how much cheaper things can get for something that is already cheap.  You can observe the "waterfall" declining stock action in Iamgold.  There likely should be one more waterfall drop after about another month of flatlining in the low to mid 8's.  Just saying it like it really is and I do not have any long or short position in this stock right now but I am definitely watching it with some interest.