Assuming they are on schedule for production in 2015 they still need some serious financing in order to construct a mine.

They have the goods and in a friendly State in a safe and secure Country.

However, where do they get that kind of cash to build a mine when they are at in or around .80cents?

My thought is this;  With 151 Million shares outstanding, they would have to reverse split the stock 10 old for ONE new bringing their SP up to approximately $8.00.

Having done this, they would have a mere 15 Million shares outstanding and be in a position to attract some serious partners who would far more consider partnering up and or financing (possibly buyout) an 8.00 per share company with a low outstanding share base than an .80 cent stock with 151,000,000 shares out?

Makes perfect sense to me.

Remember this, whether a reverse split or buyout the president and directors would more than likely receive all kinds of incentives ie; options etc etc.....