ICP has reached all it's significant milestones.  SOP is very valuable.  Yara is a fantastic partner.  New Mexico is miner friendly, near infrastructure, and located within the second largest potash consuming country.  ICP continues to expand it's resource.  Yes, potash stocks (especially juniors) are under pressure.  The long term outlook is still extremely robust.  Large potash mine write-downs around the world will lead to supply constraints in the future.  IMHO

Noted agricultural bull Jeremy Grantham recently commented on potassium and phosphate noting that, "These two elements cannot be made, cannot be substituted, are necessary to grow all life forms, and are mined and depleted. It’s a scary set of statements. Former Soviet states and Canada have more than 70% of the potash. Morocco has 85% of all high-grade phosphates. It is the most important quasi-monopoly in economic history. What happens when these fertilizers run out is a question I can't get satisfactorily answered and, believe me, I have tried. There seems to be only one conclusion: their use must be drastically reduced in the next 20-40 years or we will begin to starve."