It's good to see shares of the large cap Ag stocks rallying.  Analysts have raised the targets for Agrium.  Strength in the big boys usually leads to increased M&A.  It will be very interesting to see if Israel allows the takeover of Israel Chemicals by Potash Corp.  My guess is that Israel will not approve the takeover.  Will this lead Potash Corp to look elsewhere for M&A?

Corn stockpiles are very low, with more eratic weather expected for this summer, the price of corn will remain high.  Soybeans stockpiles are low, prices could go higher in 2013.  Continued growth in China and India will elevate hundreds of millions of people into the middle class in the next few years.  As a rule, the middle class demands better quality food, I.E.-beef, chicken and fruit.  Demand for fertilizer will increase as land is depeleted of essential N-P-K.  IMHO

Does anyone know of any junior nitrogen stocks with promise?  My guess is that most have run up considerably with low nat gas prices.  Thanks!