I bought lots in the 6's.  my break even is now 7.6.    it is a joke it  is this low.   3-4% miss on revs- which were just delays and will be earned in Q4.  yet stock went down 30% - clearly this stock is manipulated and someone likes to pound it.  

even if, and that is a if the divy gets cut by 30% to say $0.8 which would give an approx payout ratio of 60-70% the yeild here at $7 is still > 10%.   this stock should be at a 8% divy yield based on its risk profile and with $0.8 that is $10 fair value.   with no cut and 2013 is stable and company normalizes eps of around  $1  then  fair value = $12-$13 based on a 12 pe (below the market as a whole) and a div  yield of apprx 8-9% with no cut and $1.1 in dividends.   worst case scenario though with a cut and at $7 you will still get > 10% yield and I don't mind to wait and earn > 10% while this stock  gets back its fair fundamental value of  at least $10 and possibility $12-13 range.