A half position for me at these price  is 3,000 shares (coincidentally). I didn't take anything less than positive from my conversation with the CFO. This company is going to have its ups and downs but I do like their long term vision and their ability to execute over that time frame. One of the major factors for me is that the management investment company converted $10 million of debt due from the operating company at $15 per share back when they completed their last share issuance. That shows a lot of confidence in their view of the future. I'm pretty sure that I am going to be happy with having bought at $6.25 per share (and will probably complete my position in the coming days) (it actually gives me an average of around $7.80 when you consider that I sold my previous holding at $7.50 prior to buying back in)  as long as I'm patient. Even with a dividend cut (if it happens in the future) I am sure that it will still be a healthy yield (i.e. rent) while I wait for the future to unfold.