"Whats your take on the Athena Production problems.....just ignore them?"      riddick

yep for now.   iae has a 22% interest here and although it is a setback, it is minor for now. if it gets a lot worse i'm sure they will take some action of some kind.

so riddick, question for you. you just going to ignore these???????????

so you just ignore the developement of stella , which will further athena's insignificance???????

you ignore the latest farmout agreements, gives us huge exploration upside at miniscule cost.???????

you ignore the norvarg well being drilled, this is in a known discovery and will increase reserves and production????

you ignore the acquisition of valiant which has incredible upside exploration potential, plus the production we gained????????

you ignore the ridiculously low cashflow multiple we trade at???????????????

you ignore the quality and experienced people iae has added to management???????

you ignore the fact that the likes of shell are eager to explore iae's properties??????????

you ignore the fact that we have over $900,000,000 tax pool???????????????

you ignore the fact that insiders have been buying???????????????

you ignore the fact we get paid top world oil prices compared to what most cdn intermediates get??????

you ignore the fact that our  production will double in the next  1 1/2 yrs or so.????????

you ignore the fact that we could get taken out at a huge premium as stella gets closer to production????


yep, riddick you must have it right cause you post so much, lets just all concentrate on some minor production losses on a field that is only doing what all fields do eventually, as for the pump, i didn't know these things are supposed to run forever and never screw up, jeeez who knew??????

so according to riddick iae should drop everything, fix the pump, and fret about a miniscule watercut.

jeez, i wish we had riddick running this company, then we'd be over 2 bucks.  lmao x 9999999999999

cheers and gl ferret