Lol Swing!  


Well, I did relay it in relation to Ithaca.  Honestly, I hope Iona does well for you guys ... I just don't feel that BB and others need to backstab us by trying to entice Ithaca money over there.  My feeling on Huntington has been the same all along. It seems very ambitious and the Iona team seems to be squeezing every dollar they have to bring it together. Problem is, we all know that doing business in the North Sea never seems to pan out as planned.  I suspect Iona's bankers fear the same and that is why they are asking hard questions.  There is also the issue of oil price. Should it slip below $100 per barrel, Iona's plans will alter considerably.  They have no wiggle room IMHO. 

Perhaps your team should be contacting Ithaca and asking for a partner?