I must agree Crow, that now with Athena pumping, albeit at a reduced rate but same quantity of reserves, the stock should be at $3, that is a fair value and an acquisition could help get the sp to this.  Our cash flows, tax pools, and lack of debt make fund managers salivate.  But the other factor is with the sp below $2 many funds can not trade this stock, below $2 and many platforms will not allow you to margin against it, so staying above, and comfortably above $2 for more than a day, week, or month would really help get more investment into this company.  We had a nice bump on Friday, but so did a lot of energy stocks, and we could be back clinging to $2 very quickly.  Getting to 2.30-2.40 will be a challenge, getting from 2.40 to $3 will be much easier.  Hope the NR this week gives realistic guidance and some clarity on whether we are actualy in the hunt for an acquisition.  Would like to be surprised that we are the one being hunted.  I agree Stella getting into production will be a signficant catalyst, but only if we are still around.