I have to agree Cape. Ithaca seems unloved. Certainly, the way they've mishandled the investment community has left them in this vulnerable position where a hostile most likely would be accepted. You can't continually overestimate production and miss timelines and not lose investor confidence.  The whole Athena play was horribly managed as they even went so far as to confuse Canaccord when Athena would leave Dubai. Then the fiasco of the takeover talks, where investors were never informed properly and are still in the dark on what actually transpired has left it's mark on current share price. In 2012, we had no guidance or estimates even given, although previous years that was so poorly guessed at that I suppose not saying anything was probably a blessing in disguise. Iain stated how surprised his was when share price dropped so dramatically after the takeover talks ended, but why was he surprised?  They have handled the investment community so poorly that he shouldn't have been surprised at all when many just finally gave up and walked away. 


Now here we are 7 months later and very little has been stated. Perhaps that moment of silence has given a new lease of life as share price may finally be recovering, but they can't go back to screwing up again. If guidance is this week, it needs to be done with a fresh perspective where the goals will actually be attained. I also hope they hire an outsider to take over investor relations to build some integrity back into that important segment of the company.  Management has to quit treating investors like their interests are well down the priority list.