Good point about 6 months from now.  David BenSimon, the oscillator theory guy, has apparently predicted early next year as the timing for a bull run.  Some may not be aware of who he is.  He's the guy who predicted both the timing and the size of the '08 crash and has been very accurate in his prediction of  previous and subsequent ups and downs.

I'm moving my trading shares to cash but I'll certainly be picking up more IAE when the time comes.  Too much upside in this already undervalued play.  I certainly don't agree with your assessment of management.  The Athena start up issues were troublesome, but management is smart enough to learn from their mistakes.  I bought the bulk of my IAE shares back in late '08/early'09 because I had faith management would get their projects on line.  They have performed and I have my 10 bagger now or a 20 bagger in a year or two.