I surmise that Coop/Lord E and Swing are trying to garner IAE investors to their stock picks (aka INA) by using the excuse that IAE is 'dead money' for the near/medium term.  The reality is that the commodities are all taking a beating based on the fiscal cliff and loss of momentum in Asia.  But we cannot take these items at face value, as the fiscal cliff will be resolved (plus or minus a few weeks ..this'll rock the markets for sure, but it'll stabilize).  The oil & gas sector will recover by end of year or early first quarter 2013, and NS oil producers are definite take out targets.  If the Nexen take-out succeeds, IAE has yet another potential bidder.  China would definitely wish to add to their NS assets with a Nexen as it's base foothold.  Additionally, IAE will not sit idle with all that cash and not add to their production profile.  Can INA say the same?