Good Lord, do we all really have to read the my Dad is stronger than your Dad nonsense regarding IAE vs INA.  Good christ, they are completely different plays as has been pointed out on this board a number of times.  I am in both for totally differnt reasons.  My timeline on INA is the next 3-4 years and anyone who thnks this will play out any sooner is a fool.  This is a company that was suppose to have a partner for Orlando almost 6 months ago and we are still waiting and will continue to wait well into 2013.  But so what, its got great potential and when it happens the company will move forward.  But right now it is an extremely high risk play, especially with what is going on in the global economies.  IAE on the other hand is much mproe mature company and has much lower risk.  IAE will play out over the next 18 months give or take a few and when it does, the price will doulbe or triple from todays share price.  And put the cockroaches on ignore - they add nothing.