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Horizons BetaPro COMEX Silver Bull Plus ETF T.HZU

Price: $7.20 | Change: $-0.40 | %Change: -5.26%
Volume: 115,459 | Day High/Low: 7.52/7.14 | 52 Week High/Low: 11.74/6.07

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RE:RE:RE:why nobody here

I got this delivered to my email this am......Hi Parsnip!!! Horizons BetaPro COMEX Silver Bear Plus ETF Class A HZD (TSX) ...read more
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RE:RE:why nobody here

yes i am sold my last  at 6.66 and re bought at 6.17 near close hoping for a pop on mon ..its a gamble...but im so up on HZU so far i dont care lol  rate and reply
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RE:why nobody here

slag you still dabbling here? I am thinking June mid to late buy hold some HZU.Traditional silver strength August to september.Should see great gains if it happens this year.  rate and reply
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why nobody here

been making some awsome cash on HZU lately..picked 2 winning swings  rate and reply
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Looks like silver went the other way :) BB  rate and reply
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HZU up over 9% today...

glad I have held onto my units. I also have HBU, so I am counting on gold and silver showing more strength. An unexpected strong day today for gold, as it closed over key moving averages - a very...read more
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how much further silver drop before one buys back in..................15 buck silver, 18 buck silver???  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:Fed Refrains from tapering

All in good fun Ocean.  Glad to hear your doing well.  Going for a dip myself right away.  Chow for now.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Fed Refrains from tapering

Hey PapaSchmid, pumping/promoting etc doesn't really work you know.....Look where that got you on that "OTHER" board :0) and by the way, I got a new "support" system so nothing hanging around.....I am...read more
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RE:Fed Refrains from tapering

Hey Ocean, how are they hanging? 0): I inadvertently pumped V.IPT the other day, while "promoting" a Graphite play and look what happened.  ROL Scale: 1d 5d 3m 6m 1y 2y 5y Type: Line Area...read more
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Fed Refrains from tapering

Yeah!!! RUN SILVER RUN!!!!!!!!!!!  rate and reply
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Very slow around here

maybe thats a good thing  rate and reply
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There we go Oil breaking out

$109 was the breakout level , $111 now , stick to HBU and HZU , miners will be in a world of pain with energy inputs  rate and reply
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Friday's close

Is 28 cents higher on stockhouse than the rest of the world. What will the last minute drop mean to the price of HZU Monday morning  rate and reply
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RE:silver is fun to trade, more so HZD, so on that note, loaded up on HZD at $6.66 for fast money, glta.

Your crazy....since you posted HZU has climbed higher...and HOD? no way at this time would I be playing that...All eyes on  Egypt when Libya could do way more damage to the oil markets....Oil could...read more
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Here comes the BOOM !

That's it That's all, comme dirait Guylaine Gagnon !  rate and reply
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Hi Ho Silver.......

http://charts.kitco.com/KitcoCharts/index.jsp?Symbol=SILVER&Currency=USD&multiCurrency=true&langId=EN&utm_source=kitco&utm_medium=banner&utm_content=20110407_iCharts_silver_chart&utm_campaign=iCharts  rate and reply
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RE:how come so quiet here? look at the price of silver now, $21.75 = hzd is the trade imho. good luck all. i have been doing fine in and out at lower prices, but now, wow, why so high? gold is flat.

Maybe a big push for solar coming.....then of course a solar storm that will wipe out all and of course we will have to start from scratch again with little inventory.....Big "S".....shotgun :0)  rate and reply
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RE:I'm back in

6 days of green...could it possibly be the start of a catastrophic run to da moon :0) Could this time be the real thingy.....We have had the lower lows, now maybe time for higher highs!!!  rate and reply
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Now is't time to be brave, buy when everyone else is selling

Why Stephan Bogner Believes You Should Be 100% Invested in Precious Metals1 Tuesday July 16, 2013, 5:06pm PDT   Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold...read more