Read under  Marcel  Claveau  bio. He is the guy who  made the margins  go sky high  the last year.  If  you read under the bio   he spent most of the last year on  that    Hyduke consulting contract  in   Russia. Thankfully he's  back  now  watching over  the  Lean  Manufacturing operations.   Also,  that facility is   now   operational  but    the russians make the  worse equipment. Why  would Marcel  spend a  YEAR  in designing a facility?  You think  maybe   Hyduke  will be making rigs in Russia  for  their biggest companies?


No one reads between the lines. Thats  why Im  long here.  New facility in   Texas and   the  manufacturing guru   himself  spent a year in Russia  designing a  manufacturing facility?  The  Russians  dont make anything well.   I  see  Hyduke  bringing its people to  Russia   to do a  motherload of rigs  there  .



Oh  yeahhhhhhhhhh!!!