The minute  DO   ALL tabled the ridiculous  81 cent offer   no one expected  them  to   raise  their   bid. This was   just a simple stink  bid  and with  Q3 being a decent one     and  not having the  "  penalties    "  and other scare monger tactics   Do  All  alluded   to in the note,   Hyduke can  now look  at   REAL  OFFERS.


The  share buy back    would be  the first one in its history. This willraise  EPS    and make them  even less beholden to the banks   , not this was much  of a  factor.   I  think  with a few more quarters,  and thids being on the radar,  it  can  make  the climb back  to  4 dllars like it did  before.    If the offer comes fine,  if not   I  think it wil lget there in 3  years any ways.  I  am of the feeling  that a take over will happen,  but it might be   a cash and stock proposal   if its a smaeer company  doing the acquiring.     My sources are telling me  McCoy  is in the game,  but it wants  50  %  cash  and   50  % stock  and the company is looking for  a  75  %  cash,  25  % stock  option.The sticky point   I  am hearing is  if  Mccoy  does the   buy out  is  if the divdend is reduced.  In  my  view  a  75  % cash  deal,  with 25  % stock   paying a nice  5 %  dividend  is a no brainer deal that  wll close.