I   noticed the same  thing too.  Do  _All   put  Hyduke on the map  and claimed to be making an all cash offer whn  Hyduke said later on they needed  two  financial  backers.  In   my  Dd I  had posted gow   hard  up  they were to  even do a  small take over  of a  company in the Dakotas. 

  I    beleive  it will  be between   NBR   or    MCB  for two separate reaons.  MCB   is  in accretive mode and has the  50  M  war chest so they  can do a deal accretively  without  diminishing the stock.      They  recently upped the dividend  so   cutting that to  pay for it would  not be a  plus.   They are both based in Edmonton and  Big  Mac   knows   MCB  well.


   I  think  the    new   manufacturing plant in Texas  makes   it compelling for  NBR especially   when  you look  at  the drilling boom  continuing long term   in  the USA for years to come.

But   Hyduke said  there were financial  investors stepping to  the plate also.     Could be a  Jimmy  Pattison type   or  a hedge fund with  deep pockets  and  a good contact base in  the Americas   or Russia. 

I   also   know that  RR sold a firm to  Noble as well  and know from  previous conversations  that Noble does a fair bit of business with  Hyduke also  and   lately    they  have donew  business  with  PD also.  PD   is in a terrible slide  now  ,  but they  last made the accretive  deal at top  of cycle,  and maybe  Neveu  needs to  do one  now to prove hes  not the biggest idiot  CEO  in  PD history,  which he currently is!!!!!


I  see   between  1.50  and 1.65  !  N o matter what  Q3  is   , a  take over is not affected by one quarter or two,   its for the ten year plan. Do   All was  over blowing a bad  Q3  because they    didnt have the pocket change to make a  good faith offer so they were looking for excuses.