This envoirnment is way too uncertain .  Oil    has free falled ten bucks in the last  6  weeks and   shows no sign of bottoming out.  Precision  Drill   had terrible results   released today.    When  I see "the data room "  opened its my  cue to sell.  How many  other companies have put themselves on the block  for sale with no takers.   It  just amounts to a  "  free  peek  and seek"  with a bunch  of tire kickers.  If you put yourself for sale you never get offers.   Companies  taken  over   most of the time are  "  not up for sale " reflecting a desirability over  a sign of desperation.  I  think  Q3   will  be ugly  just as PD  released terrible results.  This  had big volume in   58 cent area  and then a climb   to  85 cents and  I  will  look for retracement  to   65    or 70 cents before I re consider.