Now, that's information.  Thanks BB.  I bought in this stock, like you most likely, on the basis of value, long before the offer.  I thought I could see value in what was being shown to the investors, and liked the "feel" that you could kind of get in the books.  If I don't want to buy hype, then I can't be consistant and expect management to head out on a parade after I buy in.  I actually like the philosophy "take care of business, and the share price will take care itself".  That's what values plays are all about, aren't they?

Sure, I always want more information, and I don't want to knock VPO for his blaming management for not giving out enough (putting kind folk in barrels and sending them over the falls is going a little too far, though, in my humble opinion).

But I do have some good press I would like to give to this management, and one bone of contention with VPO, re. an earlier post (dont touch with ten foot pole, 9/28/2012 6:08:22 PM, Post #31596922).  Personnally, I *don't* want management to talk to you, individually.  Public companies should have FAQ pages on their sites, where they might publish all answers to questions that might come from shareholders.

The fact that you (VPO), as an individual shareholder, did not get answers from management actually speaks good of them, in my mind, no matter how many shares you hold.

Plus, given yesterday's release, it kind of shows how tricky that release of info. thing can be!!!