About 10 Months before the June 21 2012 bid at $1.37, HYD announced several new and large contracts over a period of four or five months. At that time I still had about 1% of HYD. Now I have been Trading the markets for over 25 years, so I do pick up on strange trading patterns, such as a new contract for 32 Million and the stock goes from about .40 cents (Ican't recall the exact prices), to .56 cents for one day , only to be sold down the next day with no positive follow thru. Clearly the shares of HYD should have jumped to more like .75 cents nad held around that price.                Then over the time frame from about Jan. 2012 until the takeover offer on June 21, in that time period I could not count the number of times that on a good day for HYD hwere the shares might be up say .08 cents on good volume of say 25000 or more shares. somehow with 2 minutes left somebody would sell 500 or 1000 shares back down to the bid. I recall telling my assocciates that clearly someone is delibertly suppressing the stock price.           With the revelations revealed today by HYD management perhaps these questions I have raised may now be answered.  I did in fact file a complaint with the compliance dept. at Scotia I-Trade.