Scroll down  where you see  the bit about  Do  All  buying up a small  local  manufacturer and the  LOAN  WAS  60  %  OF THE PURCHASE  PRICE.  Then   it says   Do All   has about 65 employees in SK  and  35  there in North Dakota.  When  you read  about Do  All's business units on their website  it seems  they  mostly    manufacture tanks  and enclosure units and the firm was established in 2000.  Very little knowledge of the complexities of drill  manufacturing.  Also   if they required a  60   %   loan to acquire  a  35 man shop it tells  you that  their financial footing is  suspect to say the least !!!!!!!!!!! They   have the   nerve to question  Hyduke's   balance sheet with virtually no  debt and thirty plus years in   the drilling business.   The feeble arguments presented for their stink  bid  are  completely without merit. They  are "barely  "   in the oilfeild sector and their balance sheet must stink   if they required  a  60   % loan   to buy a business and after taking advantage of all  the  other freebies the town  gave  them. In the end they might own the mailbox of the plant they bought.  And  they  are too far away from the action. They  are in the already crowded Bakken  where lately alot of companies  have pulled up stakes  because they cant make a go of it there. The  real  markets for growth are    Mexico  and the Americas  and they   are 3000  miles away  and no where near a seaport. Folks this is a  brazen attempy by a johnny- come -lately  wanna  be  player, that is trying to  steal a company  way undervalued with carpetbagger  tactics.