Sold my position this morning  as we hit the high of $9.53 as was holding and then we reversed so sold all at $9.49 quite happy of my turn out. In the afternoon I took a quarter position of available cash could not resit as tonight could easily bring a lower opening got in at $9.36 .if lower will u load and be in cash as we may get a short squeeze on index Friday if job report is good. But regardless once we near mid march and end of month the reality will catch up with the yank. The warm winter has given a break to folks with lower heating bills while gas was climbing. If wintermwouldmhave been harsh I believe economic number on feb would have been much worse. This was clearly shown in Europe wheremfebnwas cold and their economic number where all worse than expected. while here in U.S numbers where better than expected.anyway time will tell. I first took my position in January if the economy would have been firing on all cylinders as claimed by economists the index would have got away from me. It would have involved a lot more trading to have remained afloatn which was not the case.


So good tradingd all.