Greece bondholders have to decide by 1500 hrs. EST Thursday so if there are no leaks then Friday will be reaction day. Will market rally?  How much is baked in the markets already?

This Greek tragedy has turned into a soap opera which I will name...As The Stomach Turns?

We all know the two possible endings, but once we get a decision will the markets attention turn to Spain, Portugal etc.? If so then the rally might only last the better part of a day (Friday) because who (speculators) wants to take a big bet & have to live with it over a weekend when any news can happen.

I'm sure that there will be doubts/musings leak out late in the day Friday concerning what other euro countries are next. I am of 2 minds on holding this bear+ because of the re-valuation at the end of the day Friday. I would rather hold the single & then seewhat is shaking next week.