What a day. Now solidly back into the sadle. Solid profit under the belt and shall I say well deserved as I have entered in January 2012. So lot of work and money at play currently holding 8500 shares. So breathing much better. Joke aside lot of work was at play here in order to preserve cash and a solid believe in my reading of the market. My view was right but was way to early entering as Santa Rally kept defying charts and fundamental .Now with Greece as Carlos as pointed out a lot could happen in near future. Further the qualified idiotes at CnBS and other media had the gull to,print that oil at $120.00.  a barrel his good for  the citizen as its indicated a growing economy. Man oh man, I can not believe anyone actually employed those Moron.  Back home the gasoline is currently $5.30 a gallon that about $67.00 weekly for a fill up of a small vehicle. Average citizen use a tank a week for transportation in big city. So as long has gas stay this high. The economy should keept deterioring in next quarter. Anyway will play safe as there will be bounce up nothing goes straight down or up. Will not be afraid to pull out to get back in at lower always protect the capital. A lesson I learned the hard way with Ng years ago. Good luck all