After today's big sell-off on the markets, there is clearly lots of negative sentiment and it won out today. I am glad, as I owned HBU, HSD, and HVU. That said, the market went down huge today so there are lots of these positive people who are supposedly looking for a good time to jump back into the market. The correction has been what, 5 - 7 percent so far? I think it has more to go before it is done BUT there will always be the people jumping back in at these lower levels and the people taking profits on their shorts (they need to buy, to do this), so I wouldn't be surprised to see a jump UP at the open tomorrow (not that it will be sustained, but at the open, at least). I have pared my holdings in most stocks and hold mainly ones that will do well in down markets now. Let's hope this uncertainty lasts at least a few more days, if not longer. BB